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About Our Online Pharmacy

Buy Low Drugs is a Canadian online pharmacy operated by certified Canadian pharmacists. Buy Low Drugs has teamed up with other licensed pharmacies from overseas in order to offer a wider selection of savings. We provide a safe and efficient alternative to high prescription drug prices as we sell safe prescription drugs online at the lowest possible prices.

Buy Low Drugs is a reputable Canadian Online Pharmacy that has been in business for over a decade. We currently serve over 150,000 individual Americans with obtaining affordable, low cost prescriptions. We take pride in being a Canadian Pharmacy that is able to provide a large selection of brand Rx and generic drugs and OTC products while keeping costs low and providing outstanding customer service.


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Buy Low Drugs offers a full fleet of telephone representatives that are able to answer any questions that you may have, whether that be by phone or email. Patients from the United States can typically save up to 75% when buying prescription drugs. Whether from our Canadian Online Pharmacy or choosen to ship from one of our reputable overseas pharmacies. We are able to give you these savings due to government regulations on how much a drug company can charge for drugs. These regulations do not exist in the United States allowing drug companies to charge the tremendous amounts of money they are currently charging. In Canada, New Zealand, UK and Australia there are many generic drugs available which offer further savings.

By providing prescription drugs online we are offering easy access to our US customers as there is no need to travel to Canada any more to save big on your prescription. We offer convenient options on how to order prescription drugs from our online pharmacy including ordering online, over the phone, by fax, or by mail. Standard shipping time is 14-28 days.


Licensed & Certified Pharmacy Professionals

At Buy Low Drugs we want to be considered more than just another mail order prescription drug store, which is why we work closely with other health professionals to check for drug interactions and ensure the safety of our patients. Our goal is to revolutionize the Canadian online pharmacy industry, by having a patient first approach overseen by caring licensed pharmacists and certified pharmacy technicians. We have achieved a 5-star PharmacyChecker ratingļæ½c the highest possible. We guarantee all patient information sent to us is kept strictly confidential as required by the College of Pharmacists of British Columbia. Any medications that are shipped out of our Canadian or overseas pharmacies are regulated to the same or higher standards as those medications available in the United States.

Buy Low Drugs is here to make your life simpler. We are an online pharmacy with a large selection of cheap prescription drugs that thrives on great customer service and building a lasting relationship with each customer. Which is probably why we currently serve over 150,000 individuals in America alone… consider making us your online pharmacy of choice.


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Alvesco 160 mcg--360 doses- Brand PROTONIX 40MG - 100TABS - GENERIC NEXIUM 40MG - 84 TABS - GENERIC PRODUCT Lipitor 20 mg - 90 Tablets - Generic
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