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Our online Canadian Pharmacy:

1) What is
We are a licensed Canada pharmacy that allows you to order and buy prescription drugs online. By ordering from us you can get high quality products at huge discounts. Our Canadian prescription medications are filled by The Medicine Shoppe Pharmacy, therefore your labels will say The Medicine Shoppe Pharmacy. Medications that are shipped from our affiliated pharmacies overseas will be labelled Buylowdrugs. Buylowdrugs and The Medicine Shoppe Pharmacy are owned and operated by the same Certified Pharmacists.

2) Are you a licensed drug pharmacy operating in Canada?
Yes. We are a licensed Canadian pharmacy operating in Canada and also offering online prescription medications.

3) Can your Canada Drug Pharmacies mail my prescription drugs and medications to me?
Yes. Customs will allow us to mail you a 90 day supply. There are no restrictions on the number of prescriptions you can order from our online pharmacy.

4) Is your Canadian pharmacy able to fill my US prescription?
Yes. After our licensed Canadian doctor approves your prescription we will be able to fill it.

5) Is it safe to order from your online Canadian pharmacy?
Yes. It is as safe and easy as ordering from your local pharmacy. The only difference is our cheaper prices! We forward your prescription to a licensed Canadian physician where the prescription is approved and checked for any drug interactions, all free of charge. It is then filled at our licensed pharmacy.

6) How can I tell if an online Canadian pharmacy is legitimate?
You can never be too sure, but here are some criteria to look for:
- There is contact information posted on the website (phone/fax and address)
- The managers name is posted on the website
- They actually answer your phone calls
- They DO NOT charge a membership fee
- They DO NOT sell any narcotics or controlled substances
- They offer thousands of prescriptions products and not just lifestyle drugs. An example of a lifestyle drug is Viagra
- They require you to have a prescription from your doctor
- They have a pharmacy checker seal


Our products:

1) Are Canadian drugs as safe and effective as those sold in the USA?
Yes. All drugs manufactured in Canada are of the highest quality and are required to pass strict guidelines by the Therapeutic Products Directorate (TPD) which is the Canadian version of the FDA. Some drugs are even manufactured in the US, but repackaged for sale in Canada.

2) Are the prescription drugs from Canada the same as prescriptions meds from the United States?
Yes. However some drug companies have different brand names for the Canadian market. If your medication is not available or is available only in a different form, we will notify you or your doctor ahead of time.

3) If I don't see my prescription drugs on the website, does that mean that you don't carry them?
No. Buy Low Drugs carries a much broader selection of prescription drugs and medications than those listed. If you don't see the drug you are looking for, please call us toll-free 1-866-596-4364 for prescription prices.

4) Are Canadian prescription medications manufactured in Canada for Canadian pharmacies?
Some prescription medications are manufactured in Canada and some come from other countries such as the USA. The Health Protection Branch has strict manufacturing guidelines for any Canadian prescription medications, assuring the highest quality product.

5) Do you dispense controlled substances?
No. We do not dispense any controlled substances.



1) How much does it cost to have my meds filled from Buy Low Drugs?
There is no extra cost to have your prescription filled.

If paying by Visa or Mastercard, we need to process payment in Canadian funds. Therefore, the USD price listed is just an estimate, depending on the exchange rate of your credit card and any additional charges that may apply for foreign currency transactions by your credit card company. If paying by American Express, we process payment in American funds.

2) How much can I expect to save on my prescriptions medications?
When ordering from us, most patients save up to 75% on their prescription medications.

3) Why are prescriptions medications cheaper in Canada than other countries?
Canadian prescription prices are typically lower than other countries because the Canadian government has regulated the price of prescription medications that are sold in Canada. For this reason drug companies are not allowed to charge the high prices they are allowed to charge in the US; there is a cap on what drug companies can charge for their medications. Here in Canada we also have more friendly copyright laws which have allowed cheaper generic drugs to enter the market. Lastly, the stronger US dollar also provides a significant saving.

4) What currency are your prices quoted in?
All prices including shipping are in terms of US dollars.

5) Does your online Canadian pharmacy charge a sales tax?


Ordering/Shipping/Payment Options/Returns:

1) How much prescription medication can I order from your online Canada drug pharmacy at one time?
By Law, you are allowed to order up to a 3 month or 90 days supply. However, there are no restrictions on the number of prescriptions you can order from our online pharmacy. This means that you are allowed to order multiple drugs, but for each drug you can not order more than a 90 days supply. Our Canadian doctor writes a prescription for a three months supply and will co-sign your doctor's prescription for up to a year.

2) Do you require a prescription?
Yes, we do require a prescription to complete your order. The best way to get us the prescription is to fax it to us along with your order number and name. Our fax number is 1-866-402-4033. The College of Pharmacists of British Columbia will not allow us to dispense any prescription medications without a prescription.

3) Can I order by phone?
You can place most of your order by phone, however we must always receive a prescription for your medications before we can process and ship your order. You may place a refill order by phone.

4) Is there a difference between initially ordering my prescription and refilling my prescription?
When refilling a prescription we do not require any additional information other than the medication you want refilled. If there has been a change to your personal information, such as your address, then you will need to update us. We also do not require a prescription when refilling a medication, as long as you are getting the refill within one year of the original prescription. We will notify you if the original prescription has expired; in this case you will need to send us a new prescription which can again be used for a year.

5) How long will it take to receive my prescriptions by mail?
After we receive your prescription and verify the information, please allow 14-28 days to receive your medications from our Canadian pharmacy.

6) How much does shipping cost?
Shipping is FREE on all orders placed with our company.

7) What courier do you use to mail my medications?
We use USPS shipping service. For tracking information (if applicable) please feel free to contact us.

8) What happens if my package is lost or damaged during delivery?
All of our packages are covered against damage or loss. If a product is lost or damaged we will reship it to you free of charge. Please feel free to contact us if you do not receive your prescriptions within 28 days of sending your prescription.

9) What forms of payment does your online Canadian pharmacy accept?
- Visa
- MasterCard

10) Does your online Canadian pharmacy accept US insurance coverage as type of payment?
We do not accept US insurance coverage as payment. However, we do send you an official receipt with your purchase which you may be able to send to your insurance company for reimbursement.

11) What is your return policy on prescription drugs and medications from Canada?
By Law there are no returns of prescription drugs and medications under any circumstances. British Columbia College of Pharmacists regulation states that once a medication has left the pharmacy, it cannot be returned for any reason-Bylaw 5 (33.1)


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