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Library of Pathology Resources

For centuries, scientists have studied the effects of disease on the human body and other organisms. Pathology is the study of disease, its causes, and the effects it has on a person or life form. Pathology is commonly identified as being a study of human diseases, but it can also be considered an examination of illness in other organisms as well, such as in the case of plants or animals. The study of pathology is an important exercise in order to maintain the health of all organisms and their influence on each other.

University Pathology Departments

  • University of Washington: Medical pathology department offering state-of-the-art technology and internationally trained faculty.

  • Columbia University: The department of pathology and cell biology with news, information, and research methods to foster the development of the study of pathology.

  • New York Medical College: A university offering the study of disease through research facilities, laboratories, and teaching opportunities.

  • University of Nebraska Medical Center: The department of pathology providing study through fellowship programs and clinical objectives.

  • Stanford School of Medicine: Improving diagnosis and treatment of human disease through research and education.

Online Databases

  • Genomes Online: A web resource with access to information about genome projects and metadata around the world.

  • Online Case Studies: Case study examples available for exploration by searchable database from the University of Pittsburgh School of Medicine.

  • Web Pathology: A computer aided resource containing over 2,000 images with explanatory text of human disease conditions available for study.

  • Oklahoma State University: An online database for entomology and plant pathology resources.

Regulatory and Accreditation Agencies

Pathology Organizations and Journals

Laboratory Medicine Resources

  • American Association for Clinical Chemistry: Professional organization providing research and information for laboratory professionals.

  • Lab Medicine: A subscription journal with articles specifically for laboratory specialists from The American Society for Clinical Pathology.

  • Yale School of Medicine: The department of laboratory medicine that provides educational opportunities and hands-on practice for students and clinicians.

  • American Chemical Society: A membership organization providing publications and opportunities for those working in laboratory science.

Anatomic Pathology

Forensic Pathology

Plant Pathology

Veterinary Pathology