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Medical Toxicology Resources

The human body has the capacity to absorb and take in many substances, including food and medications. There are times when certain materials are hazardous to the body, resulting in adverse effects. Toxicology is the study of the effects of poisonous substances on the human body. Toxicology can be sub-categorized into several areas, including medical, clinical, and occupational. Medical toxicology is a type of medical practice that focuses on the effects of poisons on the health of a person. Clinical toxicology manages the outcomes and manifestations of such adverse effects. Occupational toxicology focuses on potentially harmful materials and poisons that are found in the workplace and various industries. The study of toxicology has provided increased knowledge as well as medical assistance for many situations involving the dangerous exposure to harmful substances.

  • Banner Health: Health topics, news, and poison and drug information center for Arizona.
  • Carolinas Poison Center: Information for professionals and educators about types of poisons and their treatments.
  • Environmental Health and Toxicology: A division of the United States Department of Health and Human Services that supplies information about hazardous chemicals and substances.
  • American College of Toxicology: Educating professionals in the area of toxicology by promoting information about safety assessments and new developments.
  • Maryland Poison Center: Professional education of health professionals in the field of toxicology through research and publications.
  • Haz-Map: A searchable database for occupational exposure to contaminants, including types of agents, occupational diseases, and high-risk jobs.
  • Society of Toxicology: Advancing the science of toxicology through research, publications, and professional education.
  • Merck Manuals: A list of symptoms and treatments of specific poisons.
  • Scorecard: A list of health effects resulting from specific pollutants and hazardous elements.